Next Generation Entrepreneurs
Next Generation Entrepreneurs


BizGen_Breakout-rooms_Souhegan_01At BizGen we’re focused on impact.  BizGen’s competitive entrepreneurial pitch format is designed to light that fire in students, allowing them to see themselves as business developers.  Developing ideas, working in teams to refine them, access to coaches and mentors who help guide their way – all create that special experience.  Pitching those ideas to seasoned judges and a live audience for the chance to win funding ties it all together.  It turns out the experience isn’t just exciting and entertaining, its impactful.

Student Survey:

  • 98% responded that the BizGen process allowed them to better understand what is involved in starting a business and 88% that BizGen allowed them to understand what an entrepreneur actually does
  • 80% reported the BizGen experience made them more likely to start a business in the future
  • 84% reported BizGen encouraged them to do better in current high school business classes
  • 90% will use their BizGen work to help them get into college
  • 87% of participants report that BizGen was a practical application of concepts learned in class
  • The average participating student spent 4-8 hours per week into the BizGen effort

Coaches (Teachers) Survey:

  • 100% reported BizGen worked well to augment in-class concepts
  • 85% believe BizGen will help them meet Common Core and other curriculum needs
  • 100% report BizGen allowed them to reinforce classroom content with practical examples
  • 83% reported the BizGen process resulted in students working harder in their in-class studies
  • 100% reported BizGen will make their students more likely to become entrepreneurs in the future
  • 88% believe the BizGen process encouraged student participation from students who don’t typically participate in extracurricular activities
  • 80% would like to use BizGen as a tool throughout their entire course